Trainers service terms and conditions




This distance agreement is signed between the Exello Ltd. (hereinafter - representative), registration number 40203013480

and customer, who wants to buy personal trainer services at a distance using a website


 1. Object of the agreement. 


1.1. This cooperation agreement within the framework of the customer is given the opportunity to use a personal trainer services at a distance.

1.2. A personal trainer service costs are specified on the representative website

1.3. Purchasing a trainer's services for 1 or 3 month period, the customer receives immediately a fully-fledged workout program/nutrition plan.

1.4. Purchasing a workout program/nutrition plan for a period longer than 3 months, the customer, in consultation with the representative’s trainers, receive a workout program/nutrition plan every 3 months up to the end of the period.


2. The parties' rights and obligations


2.1. Representative commit 1 working day to accept and within 3 working days to develop a workout program/nutrition plan, starting from the customer’s needs and desires;

2.2. Representative ensure once a week the customer the opportunity to receive trainer’s advice;

2.3. Representative agrees not to disclose customer’s information to third parties and guarantees the confidentiality;

2.4. Representative does not assume responsibility for the client's health status;

2.5. The customer undertakes to comply with the representative's personal trainer compiled and coordinated workout program and/or to follow the nutrition plan;

2.6. The customer took responsibility for safety enforcement;

2.7. Customer, purchasing representatives’ personal trainer services at a distance, are obliged to fill the form No.1, which indicates objectives and the information about health and health status; form no.1 will be sent to customer's e-mail adress after recieving purchase.

2.8. The customer bears responsibility for veracity of the information given in form no.1;

2.9. The customer is entitled to 2 times within one month to request corrections in a workout program and/or nutrition plan;

2.10. Getting acquainted with the information provided in form No.1 the representative of the trainer has the right, in the case of uncertainty, to turn to the customer to clarify the information and/or request additional documents on the client's health condition;

2.11. If a representatives’ trainer uses granted in the point 2.10. rights, workout programs are being developed within 3 working days after fully received information from the customers’ side.




3. Payment procedure


3.1. Payments must be made in advance, ordering the personal trainer services at a distance.

3.2. After payment has been received, the representatives’ trainer is obliged within 1 working day of accepting the order and within three working days to develop a workout program, otherwise the client can request the money back.

3.3. If the customer's selected trainer within one day of acceptance of the order and/or within three working days has not developed a workout program/nutrition plan, but the customer does not want to request money back, with the consent of the customer, the representative has the right to offer customer to use another trainer’s services.

3.4. Payment takes place through the website, the customer is not entitled to turn to the representatives’ trainer personally.

3.5. The customer shall make payment through the website using VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.

3.6. This agreement does not apply to the distance contract’s 14-day right of withdrawal.

3.7. The representatives’ trainer is entitled to terminate this agreement without giving any reasons, returning the advance money paid. Refund is made within three working days.


4. Dispute resolution procedure


4.1. Any dispute arising between the parties of this agreement, parties shall settle by means of negotiations;

4.2. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the disputes are pending by the prescribed order of Latvian Republic legislation.


5. Duration of agreement’s period and changes


5.1. The agreement enters into force after receiving a payment for the representatives’ use of personal trainer services.

5.2. Representative reserves the right to change agreement terms.


6. Particular terms


6.1. The parties confirm that the provisions of this agreement do not endanger or prejudice their interests and rights.

6.2. This agreement is drawn up in englishit is drawn up electronically and is valid without signature.